Welcome to Sixth Grade

March 19, 2018

Hi 6th Grade Parents,


Tuesday is class picture day.  Students should be in regular uniform- no spirit shirts or sweatshirts.


Please remember that registration for next year is open!


We will have our March Friendship Lunch this Friday.


In math this week we have pp. 207-208 #1-27 due Tuesday, p. 211 #1-24 due Wednesday, a worksheet due Thursday and p. 215 #1-23 due Friday.


For 6th science We have a partner project on subduction and sea floor spreading due Tuesday and a worksheet due Thursday.  We will have a lab on Thursday that is due Friday.


In language arts there is a vocabulary review worksheet due Thursday.  No spelling test this week.  We will have a creative writing assignment due next Monday.


In social studies we are starting Ancient Greece this week.  We will be reading pp. 236-241.


Dear Parents,

This week in religion, we are revisiting the Ten Commandments and Jesus’s new commandments.  Students will make a connection between both.

In grammar, sixth graders will complete a worksheet on indefinite adjectives on Tuesday and adjectives in the predicate on Wednesday.


Mrs. Reichlin


Dear Parents:

This week we will wrap up our poetry unit.

Wednesday: recite stanza of “Sam McGee”

Thursday: poetry test – students will identify poetic devices in a poem and tell the main idea of the poem.

Expect to see your child reading for the book review!


Mrs. Rutherford