Welcome to Sixth Grade

May 7, 2018


Hi 6th Grade Parents,


“Thank You” to everyone for all your help and support on getting your child to Earth Camp!  I was impressed with the way our 6th graders made friends with the kids from other schools seem so easy!  I also noticed that our children were very respectful to the staff and others.  A huge “Thank You” to our chaperones- it is a big job and I am impressed with the way they all did it with energy and ease.


We have MAPS standardized testing starting this week on Tuesday.  Please make sure your child is well rested and has a good breakfast.  There is no homework due Tuesday, just the “Pink Slip” returned.  We will continue with MAPS testing on May 15th and May 22nd.  Children can bring gum on testing days.


There will be no STEM club this Tuesday or the next because my son has track meets on both of those days.  I would like to wrap up STEM for the year with a party on May 29th.


In 6th math this week we don’t have class Tuesday due to MAPS. Due Wednesday is p. 268 # 1-20.  Thursday will be our Chapter Test.


In science we have a worksheet on volcanic landforms due Thursday.


For language arts we have a writing assignment on Earth Camp due Thursday.


In social studies we are starting our studies of Ancient Rome.  The questions on p. 299 are due on Friday.


-Kasey Bell

Dear Parents:

This week in reading we will continue with A Long Walk to Water.  Your child may have worksheets to finish at home.


Mrs. Rutherford


Welcome back, sixth graders!!

This week will not be a full week of religion class due to testing.  However, we will meet a few times.

Students reviewed when to use adjectives and adverbs.  They will review adverbs briefly, then have an assessment on adverbs next week.

Students have been learning about the first leaders of Israel.  They learned about King David and his leadership qualities.  They are exploring the Psalms (written by David), and picking one to reflect on and illustrate.  This will be due on Thursday.


Mrs. Reichlin