Welcome to Seventh Grade

March 19, 2018


Dear Parents:

Today I sent home a new version of the Pink Slip; I am hoping that it will help all of us communicate even better than before.  As always, please feel free to email me or set up a conference if you have concerns about your student’s progress.

This week in writing we will start a new paper, “My Favorite Season”.  We will be focusing on adding imagery to our writing.  In grammar, we will work with commonly confused words.  In reading, we will read the Scholastic news magazine.  In Social Studies, I am hoping to finish our Road Trip plans.


Mrs. Rutherford

Dear Parents,

We are finishing the chapter that explores that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Discipleship is the real lesson.  Students are visualizing what it means to be a seventh grade disciple.  They will complete a graphic organizer on Saint Maximilian Kolbe and the chapter review on Tuesday.  They will have the chapter assessment on Wednesday.  On Thursday, they will begin Lesson 7 in vocabulary.


Mrs. Reichlin

This week in 7th science we are continuing our work on Mendel’s genetics.  We are building “paper pets” with specific traits and crossing them with other pets.  We will be working on this all week and turning in the finished project on Thursday.

-Kasey Bell