Welcome to Seventh Grade

October 16, 2017

Dear Parents:

Please remember that we are doing book reviews this week.  Your child knows the schedule.

Tuesday: 3rd pp of Hot Spots posted online;

-FREE DRESS for $1 or more – donation to our STORM fundraiser

-signed progress reports due;

Wednesday: parts of speech practice test due;

Thursday: 4th pp of Hot Spots posted online;

Friday: Ulysses essay test.


Mrs. Rutherford

Dear Parents,

Seventh graders did fairly well on their first vocabulary/spelling test.  They did better on the vocabulary than the spelling.  We will start Lesson 2 next week.

In religion, students have been learning about where and how God reveals Himself.  They will continue their exploration of Divine Revelation and contemplate what “In God’s Image” means.  They will search for artistic impressions of Jesus and God that speak to them.

We have reach the midpoint of the trimester.  If your child has not fulfilled  any service hours, now is the time to start thinking about it.


Mrs. Reichlin

This week in 7th science we are wrapping up our studies of protists and fungi.  Due today is the Chapter Review.  Due tomorrow is a study guide for the test.  The test is on Tuesday.  We are going back to the beginning of our text on Wednesday and Thursday.  Due Monday will be a vocabulary exercise from pp. 6-14.

-Kasey Bell