Welcome to Second Grade

September 8, 2018

Dear Parents:

I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know your child this week. Our Second-grade class has 1 new member, welcome Kamryn!  Mrs. Sue Moa- Norton, aka Miss Sue, is our classroom assistant.

We are slowly getting into a school routine. On Fridays (or the last day of the school week) your child will have important information in his/her Friday folder. Please look for a weekly class newsletter, other notes, and corrected student work. Please take a few minutes on Friday evening to go over all items in Friday folder.

The students have had only one homework assignment, Super Student Poster, it is due on Monday. Next week look for a homework chart (filled in with their homework for each day) in their homework folder each night. We are starting off slowly and will work our way up to 15-20 minutes a night. Students should also be reading every night for at least 10-15 minutes. They can read orally, silently, or a parent may read to them. Practicing math should also be part of their nightly routine, 5 minutes. For the next few weeks in math we will focus on quick recall of simple addition and subtraction facts, please practice at home. Please look over their homework every night, help them if they need corrections, have him/her make the necessary corrections and sign the bottom of the chart. If your child struggles with a homework assignment, send a note on the homework chart and I will assist your child with the assignment.

This school year the whole school is adopting a new science curriculum. In second grade we will be starting a new handwriting series. Please look for more information in the coming weeks.


  • Back to School Night –Wednesday, September 26th, 7 PM
  • Immaculate Conception Church in Mt. Vernon will be registering students for First Communion classes September 15/16 after Masses.  Classes begin October 7th and most Sundays after the 9 am Mass.  First Communion is May 5th.  Families can also register for First Communion classes at the Parish Office.
  • Families from neighboring parishes should check with their local parishes for their First Communion classes.
  •  Protecting God’s Children Class is on September 17th, from 5PM-8 PM


Mary Moa-Walsh