Welcome to Second Grade


March 19, 2018


Dear Parents,

Class picture day is tomorrow. Students need to be in full uniform.

During this season of Lent, please try to fill your rice bowls and learn more about those who benefit from Catholic Relief Services. A Lenten Rice Day is planned for March 27th to bring a deeper compassion for our brothers and sisters who truly face hunger in their everyday lives. More information will come from the office.

Many children are forgetting to bring a snack and a jacket.  Please remember to send a healthy snack every day.  This snack should be separate from your child’s lunch. We are still having some cold and rainy days.  Please be sure your child has a sweatshirt/sweater and a warm jacket with a hood. We will have outside recess, even if it is drizzling.

Our Burke Museum field trip was a wonderful day of learning! The class was well-behaved, attentive, and engaged. I feel so blessed to be their teacher!

Pray for me and I will pray for you,

Mrs. Hinton

Our Learning Objectives for the Week

Language Arts: Phonics and spelling: The /br/ and /fr/ consonant blends

Reading: Unit 4: Informational Text- Monster Tracks?

Comprehension Skill: Sequencing words and following directions

Vocabulary:  clues, prehistoric, imprint, mold

Writing:  Informational writing

Math:  Time to the nearest 5 minutes

Religion: The Liturgical Year

Social Studies: Working for Needs and Wants review and assessment   

Spelling List:  The /br/ and /fr/ sounds

brag            bread                   brick           free       frog

friend         brush                    bright         front      frisky


Upcoming Dates:  Picture Day March 20, Stations of the Cross and Early Dismissal March 29, Spring Break April 2-6

Challenge Spelling List

  1. climbed
  2. teaspoon
  3. balance
  4. knitting
  5. merely
  6. furnish
  7. passage
  8. complaints
  9. thunderbolt
  10. nonsense