Welcome to 5th Grade

5th Grade Family Letter September 10, 2018


Friday 9/10- Magazine Sale Assembly

Friday 9/10 – $1.00 Free Dress to support STORM fund

Monday 9/17- Protecting God’s Children Training 5-8pm

Wednesday 9/18- Picture Day

Friday 9/21- Mass at 10:30AM


Good Afternoon Families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  It was great getting to know the students, they are all such big personalities!! I know this will be a very successful year.

Thank you for all who have turned in the Biographical Sketches! It is amazing how helpful and insightful they are.

Homework help began today. Which means students have homework, if they say they don’t, then please have them read for 20-30minutes. That is a constant assignment unless otherwise stated. Thank you for the support at home.  Vocabulary units usually take two weeks before assessment. There is a spelling component and a definition and usage component.

Students have a chance to write homework in their planners. To start of on a good note, tonight’s homework was to write their vocabulary terms 5 times each in cursive (I know there are a couple of students who can’t write in cursive, but if they can please have them complete in cursive.)

To read for 20-30 minutes. No reading log yet. Tonight, is for pure enjoyment and getting back into the routine.

Finally, today they went home with a multiplication sheet. I asked the students to time themselves and come up with a goal. For example, if it took them 15minutes to complete, a good goal would be to complete in 12 minutes by the end of the week.  Short term goals are always more accessible.

Math: Multiplication and division table review (please practice at home). Long addition and subtraction review. Begin Long Multiplication review.

Reading: Close reading, reading a chart, sustained reading strategies. Using Scholastic News.

Writing/ELA: Writing process. Paragraph review. Nouns

Vocabulary: Unit 1 Terms: blunder, cancel, continuous, distribute, document, fragile, myth, reject, scuffle, solitary, temporary, veteran.

Social Studies: Maps (United States)

Religion: writing out our prayers for the year in our notebooks, Writing our SLE goal for the Trimester.

Unit 1 revelation: Chapter 1 God’s Plan for all Creation


Engineering and Technology: Lesson 1 How are Science and Math used in Engineering?


Thank you,

Mrs. Morrison