Welcome to 5th Grade


5th Grade Family Letter March 19, 2018



Tues 3/20 – Class picture day. Please wear uniform (no spirt wear)

Wed. 3/21 – Book report due

Wed. 3/21 – Junior Achievement 2:15- 3:00

Fri. 3/23 – Rice Assembly

Wed. 3/28 – Winter concert 7:00pm

Fri, 3/30 – Stations of the Cross 11:15 noon dismissal in Silence

3/31-4/7 – Spring Break

Monday, March 19 begins open enrollment for new families. Please remember to re-enroll your child on ParentsWeb to secure your child’s seat for next year. The 19th is also the last day for families to qualify for discounted reg fees if they attended the meeting on Feb. 27. If you need help, you can call the office.

Religion: The Church.  As an entry ticket for the morning students have to answer one of three questions. What is a Creed? A creed is a summary of the Christian faith. The word Creed means “I believe”. Why did Apostle’s Creed receive that name? The Apostle’s creed received its name because it is a summary of the Apostle’s faith. It is used in the celebration of Baptism and often used at Mass during the season of Easter and in Masses with children.  What is the Nicene Creed? It appeared after the Council of Nicaea in 325 and the Council of Constantinople in 381 (children do not need to know that) The councils discussed the divine nature of Christ. The creed became part of the liturgy of the Church in Rome in 1014 (they do need to know this).

Vocabulary: Unit 7 pages 56-57. Barrier, calculate, compose, considerable, deputy, industrious, jolt, loot, rejoice, reliable, senseless, shrivel.

Math: exponents, prime numbers and prime factorization.  Students were sent home with fast multiplication and divisions. Students should master the multiplication before moving on to the division. Ideally students should be able to solve in 2minutes. I told students to start with a goal somewhere between 5- 2 minutes.

Writer’s/Social Studies: we will work on State Reports. Please ensure that your child is researching either in a book or the internet.  This week’s focus is Natural resources. Students should have their notes and filled outlines to begin working on the writing component.

Reader’s we will complete Honest Truth and listen to book reports starting on Wed.

Please make sure to sign your child homework planner sheet.

Thank you! Mrs. Morrison