Welcome to Eighth Grade

May 7, 2018


Dear Parents,

Well, graduation pictures certainly made the celebration a little bit more real and closer.  It will be difficult for me to let these children go.

We have several loose ends that need your attention:

First, Ms. Sterling is creating the end of the year dvd for the class.  She says, “Thank you to all who emailed or uploaded photos over the weekend, they are all great. Keep them coming!  Remember the deadline is Friday.  If you need more time let me know.”


Second, students have two, maybe three, permission slips to turn in by Friday.  One to the Tri-Parish Food Bank on Wednesday, one to the 8th grade retreat on Thursday, and one for the band trip on Friday.

Third, I am looking for help and support for the afternoon of the retreat.  This will include helping to chaperone little excursions after the retreat, and helping out with the scavenger hunt at the Cram’s house.  We also need drivers to make sure kids get back to Mount Vernon that evening.  So far, I’ve heard from Beth Shields.  Please let me know if you can help out.  The sooner I know, the better I can plan.


Literature:  The two groups are getting close to finishing the novels.  Each story is building up with its rising action.  This week the  Roll of Thunder group is finishing chapter 10 and reading chapter 11.

The group for To Kill a Mockingbird is reading chapters 22-23, completing the response journal, and having a good discussion group on the turn of events in the story.

Students should be working on the actual book report poster and paper.  This is due on May 22.

U.S. History:  Eighth graders are working with partners to research a president.  They are creating a poster with specific criteria.  When finished, we will have a chronological account of the history of the U.S. up to the Civil War through the perspective of its presidents.

This is an in class project.

Religion:  Students participated in a prayerful reflection of Matthew 5. There they found several metaphors describing the Kingdom of God.  Students are going to create their own “Sacred Metaphors” describing God, God’s mercy, Jesus, etc.


ATTENTION!  A boy left a blue graduation cap at school in a plastic bag.  No boy has claimed it (surprise).  If your son is missing his cap to his gown, let me know.  I have it.


Mrs. Reichlin


Dear Parents:

I was very pleased with the quality of the analysis that the 8th graders showed in the conclusions to their papers.  Way to go, 8th grade!  Final drafts are due Friday, May 11.  In order to get full credit, students must bring a hard copy to school, stapled and ready to turn in.  Students will not be allowed to print at school on Friday.  If you do not have a printer, your child must ask to print at school on Thursday.

All week, we will be editing and polishing our papers in class.


Mrs. Rutherford


This week in 8th science we are wrapping up chemistry.  Tuesday we have a lab on organic chemistry.  Wednesday there will be a quiz.  We will also finish a short film series on carbon and climate change.  There is a worksheet on this due that day.  On Thursday we start physics.


Going home this week is the permission slip for the Kayak Trip.  Please return by next Monday along with the questionnaire about whether your child can bring a tent, stove or cooking pots.  There will also be a checklist similar to the 7th grade overnight that you should check to see if your child has packed the appropriate gear.   Also, please note if your child has any special dietary needs.


-Kasey Bell