Welcome to Eighth Grade

September 10, 2018

Dear Parents,

Welcome aboard Reichlin Airlines, Flight 8.  All passengers have boarded without complications.  They have put their baggage in the baggage compartment.  Their trays are in the upright position and take off was smooth and effortless.  We have begun our flight toward graduation.

We have spent the week overviewing what 8th grade will be like and laying out the expectations.  We have been learning about the brain and what it needs for optimum learning.  Please help your child remember to bring a water bottle and to have a healthy, protein snack.  Also remember that we have a student with a severe peanut allergy.  No food item containing peanuts or prepared facility exposed to peanuts will be allowed.

On Tuesdays, Father Moore will be visiting our class and teaching the 8th graders.  I am excited to have his perspective and expertise in teaching the faith.

This week we have a magazine sale assembly on Friday.  Friday is also a free dress day.

Friday is free dress for those students who bring $1 to support our 18-19 STORM campaign.  This year’s goal is $29,100:

  • $5,000 for science ($2000 to replace consumables in  the new science kits and $3000 to support before or after school STEM clubs in 2019-2020)
  • $15,000 for technology ($7,500 to purchase flat screens for the new Library Media Center, and $7500 to purchase tablet stations for the lower grades in 2019-2020)
  • $9,100 to support outdoor education for 5th-8th graders in 2019-2020.


Literature:  Students have all picked a classic and are reading it for a book report and a writing assignment.  They need to have the book read by October 1.

Religion:  We have been focusing on the school theme, “Friendship.”  Students are finding a quote that is powerful and meaningful about friendship.  They are writing it and illustrating it.  This will be the cover for their religion journal this year.  This will be due on Friday.

Social Studies:  Eighth graders discussed various current event topics that were big news over the summer.  They are now looking for a current events article on one of those topics.  They need to complete a worksheet summarizing the article and sharing the text connection they make with it.  They will learn various text connections this week.  The new current event article is due next Tuesday, September 18.

I know we will have a great flight together.  If you have any questions or concerns navigating through 8th grade, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Linda Reichlin


Hi 8th Grade Parents,

It’s great to have your children again for science!  We are starting the year studying chemistry.  We have new books that have the assignments built into the books.

Due Tuesday are the questions on pp. 5-7.  Due Wednesday are the questions on pp. 8-11.  We will have a lab on Thursday.  Due next Monday is a “Matter Search” assignment.

Please send me an e-mail or call of you have any questions about your child’s science homework this year.  I will be able to share more information about our science curriculum this year during our “Back to School” night.

-Kasey Bell


Dear Parents:

I am so happy to get to work with your student again this year.  I will be teaching grammar, vocabulary, and writing to the 8th grade.  We will have lots of class time for writing papers, so if your child is efficient, he or she should not have too much homework.  Our first paper is Bob/Betty, where they describe a classmate.  In grammar, we will begin by reviewing the rules for capitalization – so fun!

As always, please contact me if you have questions or concerns.


Sarah Rutherford