Welcome to Eighth Grade

December 11, 2017

Dear Parents,

You would have been so proud and so impressed with your children as they Christmas caroled at Mountain Glen.  They were very compassionate and kind.

This week will find us involved in lots of different activities.  First of all, the Accreditation Team from the Seattle Archdiocese will be visiting and evaluating our school.  Eighth graders will be practicing and performing for the Christmas program.  We have a Christmas breakfast/brunch on Friday with an Advent prayer service and sing along.

The Flight Plan:

LITERATURE:  We are working our way through A Christmas Carol.  Students are exploring the vocabulary and we are analyzing the transformation of Scrooge.  It is my hope that we will finish by Friday, but there is a possibility we will not.  If that happens, will finish the first week we come back in January.

Students have a book report due on Tuesday.  They will be sharing their modern classics by thinking about the Nine Building Blocks of Fiction.

RELIGION:  Eighth graders did an excellent job reflecting on the Sacraments and showing how the Sacraments make us holy.  This week they will use the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, patience, to reflect on Advent.


Peace and joy of our Lord Jesus be with you now and always,

Mrs. Reichlin


This week in 8th science we are wrapping up our studies of the periodic table.  Due today is the chapter review.  We are also having a quiz today.  Tomorrow and Thursday we are working on a periodic table lab.  The lab is due on Thursday.


-Kasey Bell