Welcome to Eighth Grade

October 16, 2017

Dear Parents,

My, my!  The weeks roll on.  We are beyond the half way point of the first trimester.  Students received their mid-trimester reports on Friday.  I am a little concerned about the students that have missing assignments at this point.  Students fill out a progress report weekly and should be noting any missing work AND be working diligently to get that work turned in.  Any support in this area would be appreciated.

Tomorrow is a free dress day if you want to support the STORM capital fundraiser.

Friday, October 20 is the Student Council Commissioning Service at 9:00 in the foyer of the Saint Joseph Center.  Parents are welcome to join in this special ceremony.

The Flight Plan:

RELIGION:  Students are required to bring a rosary.  We are praying a decade of the Rosary for our daily prayer.  Eighth grade students will learn the Glorious Mysteries.  Students are also researching an apostle.  They will reflect on why the Church is apostolic.  The apostle project is due on Friday.

LITERATURE:  The eighth graders have been giving oral presentations on the classic book they read.  There has been a good variety of quality literature shared and students did a great job preparing for their oral presentations and following the criteria.  Students will answer reading comprehension questions on the story, ”The Treasure of Lemon Brown.” Next week, eighth graders will watch a documentary on Edgar Allen Poe and read/listen to “A Tale Tell Heart.”

U.S. HISTORY:  Students are watching a video from The History Channel on the beginning of the Revolutionary War.  They are taking notes in a graphic organizer that they will use for discussion and reflection.


Mrs. Reichlin


This week in 8th science we are wrapping up chapter 1.  Due today is the Chapter Review.  Tomorrow is our test.  There is a study guide due Tuesday as well.  On Wednesday we will have an energy flow quiz.  Due next Monday will be a vocabulary exercise on pp. 42-47.


-Kasey Bell


Dear Parents:

We have a lot going on in writing.  On Wednesday, students will take their individualized spelling tests.  Also, the second body paragraph of the literary analysis is due on Wednesday.  On Thursday, definitions of the Lesson 2 vocabulary words will be due.


Sarah Rutherford