Welcome to Eighth Grade

November 13, 2018

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a relaxing 3-day weekend.  I did when not working on report cards. 😊

This week wreathes from the wreath sale are being distributed on Thursday at 3:00.  Mrs. Hardin (person in charge) is asking for 4-5 eighth graders to help out after school.  If your child is available, we would appreciate his/her help for about a half hour on Thursday.  This will count as service hours for the new trimester.

We will end the week with a family group activity and Mass.  Mass is at 10:30 at Immaculate Conception Church.

Friday report cards will go home.  If you’ve been signing your child’s weekly pink progress report, you should have a good understanding of where your child is academically.  No surprises.


LITERATURE:  Students are finishing up a poster about Victorian England.  This activity supports the setting of A Christmas Carol.  This is the first novel study.  The vocabulary will be challenging.  Watching a movie version of this classic might help with understanding.  Students will present their posters on Thursday.

RELIGION:  November is the month we remember the dead and the saints. Students will research “a lesser known saint.”  They will complete a saint card with important information about a lesser known saint.

U.S. HISTORY:  Eighth graders will explore The Declaration of Independence and find out a little bit about the men who risked their lives to sign the document.  They will work with partners to rewrite The Declaration of Independence in their own words.


CONFERENCES:  I am looking forward to meeting with all of you at conferences.  If you have some specific topics you want to discuss, you can e-mail your ideas so I can come to the conference prepared and ready to help your child be successful.

In this time of thankfulness, I am thankful for all of you for your continued support and your wonderful children.



Mrs. Reichlin


Dear Parents:

This week we will do some exercises with connotation and denotation so that we focus on using the BEST word in our writing.  We will also continue writing our scary stories.  Students should have at least two pages of their stories written by Thursday.

I look forward to meeting with you next week at conferences,

Sarah Rutherford


This week in 8th science we are having a test on atoms, molecules and the periodic table on Thursday.  Due Wednesday are pp. 59-61.  Due Thursday is a study guide for the test.


-Kasey Bell