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April 12, 2018

Dear Parents, Friends and Supporters,

Don’t miss out on our upcoming “Jack and the Beanstalk” performances this weekend.  Dates and time below.  The students have been practicing all this week to make sure you will be delightfully entertained.  Two performances to choose from; both in the St. Joseph Center.  If you do not have advanced tickets, tickets can be purchased at the door.

Friday, April 13th – 7:00PM Jack and the Bean Stalk Performance, in St. Joseph Center
Saturday, April 14th – 1:00PM Jack and the Bean Stalk Performance,  in St. Joseph Center

Class pictures were sent home today for those who prepaid.  There are a limited amount of extras for $11.00 through the office.

REMINDER to those dropping off students:   At NO time can you park your car in the spaces next to the playground fence between 8:00 and 8:45AM (9:00-9:45AM on Wednesdays).  Please, for the safety of our children, those spaces are needed only for quick drop offs.  Move to the front available spot, let your child out, and move up in the spaces and out the driveway.  This is to avoid backups onto 15th Street.  Please be courteous to other drivers and students.

And, Parents, it is NOT too late… to sign your child(ren) up for the ICRS Staff sponsored Movie Night Auction item.  Bring or send $40.00 per child to the office along with this FORM.  Then make a date night (May 18th) with your spouse!  Win! Win!

April 17th – 9AM – 1:30PM 5th Grade to Viva Farms
April 18th – 3-4-5 Engineering Assembly
April 20th – 10:30 School Mass
April 23rd – 27th = Wellness Week
April 24th – Scrip Order Due:  8:30am  *** 1:45-2:45 Family Groups walk MVHS track
May 18th – 6:00-10:00PM ICRS Movie Night (Auction item) ***Check THIS out!  It is NOT too late to sign your child(ren) up!

The ICRS Liturgical Choir needs an accompanist.   If you are a gifted pianist and available Wed. morning and for Friday School Masses twice a month, please contact the office: 360 428-3912 or

The next Classroom Training for Virtus on April 21, 2018 from 1:00 to 3:30 at St. Charles. Videos in Spanish but the discussion will take place in English.

Please read this week’s Parent Newsletter.


The documents below have been published recently and concern what is currently happening at our school. Please see the Useful Forms page to download our most frequently requested permanent documents.