Grading & Homework


  • Kindergarten is graded on a checklist format
  • Grades 1, 2 and 3, are graded using: 3 (meets standard), 2 (approaches standard), and 1 (below standard)
  • Traditional A, B, C, D and F and + format is used for grades 4-8

Grading Scale for Grades 4-8

100-95 (A);  94-92 (A-);  91-89 (B+);  88-85 (B); 84-82 (B-); 81-79 (C+); 78-75 (C); 74-72 (C-); 71-69 (D+); 68-65 (D); 64-62 (D-); 61 and below (F)

Honor Roll

  • Students in grades 4-8 are eligible for Honor Roll
  • “Principal’s List” students have earned a GPA of 3.90-4.0
  • “First Honors” students have earned a GPA of 3.70-3.89
  • “Second Honors” students have earned a GPA of 3.50-3.69


Homework is assigned beginning with grade one.  As students progress in school, more homework is required.  Each teacher has expectations and procedures for dealing with homework and with late or incomplete work. Students should always do their own homework, but parents may check it over or review it with their child.

Long-range projects should be completed gradually, over a period of time, both at school and at home. As a general rule, homework will not be assigned when evening programs such as the Christmas program are scheduled.

Recommended length of time that students should spend on homework: Grades 1-3:  20-30 minutes; Grades 4-6: 30-60 minutes; Grades 7-8: 60-90 minutes.